Kick start programming with Songs

Photo by Michael Winterdal on Unsplash

People do lots of things to get kicks. I am not talking about physical kicks but about mental kicks.

For such kicks someone drinks coffee, someone drinks tea, someone smokes and someone do something unique. Everyone has their own way to get kicks.

Kicks give us instant energy. It makes our mood happy. It increases our productivity for a while. We feel like this is what we needed to feel better.

Sometime in our career, time comes that we need to be at our top speed. At such time what we desperately needs is KICK.

Whenever such time comes to me, I listen some songs which I have collected till now. For me, these songs act like a kick.

While doing programming, sometimes we need our best focus, our best performance. To get kick in such time I have tried many songs so far and figured out that instrumental songs are best to listen while coding. Vocals in a song distracts us subconsciously.

I have collected some of the songs which I listen whenever I had to be on top speed while coding.

Checkout these songs and let me know the song that you listen while coding.

1. The Batman Teaser Trailer

2. The Mandalorian: Luke Skywalker Hallway Theme

3. Clubbed to Death

4. Science Vs. Music

5. Light of the Seven

6. The Winds of Winter

7. Stranger Things - Main Theme

8. And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad

9. I’m Not A Hero

10. Why So Serious

Note: Smoking is injurious to health. Excessive tea, coffee and use of earphones are bad for health.


Instrumental music kick starts coding focus in a good way.

Listen to such music and do coding at top speed.

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